Stardust: Who is your favourite character and why?

Choose ONE character from Stardust and argue why s/he is your favourite.  In a response of no less than 200 words and no more than 400 words, use at least TWO points from the novel and give TWO proofs (quotations) to support your argument.  Remember to use proper grammar and spelling AND proper MLA documentation style for your quotations.

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Deadline:  Saturday, February 27th, 2010 — no later than midnight.


~ by Ms. Cox on February 24, 2010.

15 Responses to “Stardust: Who is your favourite character and why?”

  1. When asked the question on what is my favourite character in stardust there will be many answers. My personal favourite is the character star for a multitude of reasons. The character star was origionally shown as a nasty and generally unpleasant women when she was first introduced but slowly grew, during the course of the book, to be a respectable character and in my opinion, the general favourite.

    I personally like the star because I find her not only caring, but compassionate and intelligent too. Throughout the book she insults Tristran to no end, calling him blunderhead, clodpoll and a various list of other. This however I find is not her true personality or attitude, shown on page 151 “stop them, they are going to kill each other” whispered te star. I find that this shows her true attitude toward life.

    Another reason I prefer the star to any other character is her witty and intelligent attitude. The person called star constantly stresses tristran with insults and witty remarks, however again I find her to have no Ill intent. This can be seen slightly seen on the page 230 you know I left my pack at that mad women’s inn, we have no food, water or clothing save what we are standing in” “sitting down in, actually” remarked the star.

    Within these two points I find that the star is my favourite character and also one of te most important ones in the story.

  2. My favourite character in the novel Stardust is Tristran Thorne. I like tristran for many reasons, like his dedication to the woman that he loves, his sense of adventure, and his kindness towards others.

    My first point for liking Tristran is his dedication towards Victoria Forester. She has no respect or care for him, but he insists on making her as happy as possible, which is why he said ” I would travel to the distant northlands, did you but say the word, and slay the mighty polar bears, and bring you back their hides.” (Gaiman 62) This demonstrates his total devotion to Victoria, as it infers he would go to the end of the world for her, even if she didn’t want it. This to me, is very admirable.

    I also see Tristran as a good character in the story for his sense of adventure. All his life, he has lived in the town of Wall. He has been told that the world of Faerie is off bounds. No one goes in there. Never. After he meets the beautiful Victoria Forester, none of this matters. He will go into the unknown and travel far to get a star for her. The novel follows Tristran as he wades his way through the confusing forests of Faerie. Although, he does seem to have a rare knowledge of everywhere in Faerie, without ever have been there. I think that this could have something to do with his mother being the girl with no name, who hails from the world of Faerie, which is shown when the little hairy man says to Tristran “You can find places in Faerie, but not in your world, save for Wall, and that’s a boundary” (Gaiman 115) This shows his great sense of adventure.

    My final reason for liking Tristran is his kindness towards others. He has been sent on this grueling journey by the one he loves, and is tired and hungry. But he always seems to have a kind heart towards the people that only seem to get in his way to the star. This is shown by the quote “Here, now…Easy…here’s your crown…” (Gaiman 153) which he said when he saved the unicorn from the lion during their fight.

    As a result of Tristran showing all of these traits and more, he is my favourite charachter in the novel Stardust.

  3. My favourite character from the novel Stardust would have to be Tristran Thorn. He is both understanding of what happens when love is strained by distance and is also very willing to make sacrifices in order to save others when in danger. At the beginning of the novel Tristran was a foolish, pathetic boy who was consumed with marrying Victoria Forester. I quickly found him starting to become a man as he pushed the thought of Victoria further away in order to keep focus so he could protect the star.

    Tristran returns to Wall and finds that Victoria is betrothed to Mr. Monday. Even though she has promised him that she would marry him if he were to bring the star back for her, Tristran refuses to marry Victoria because he sees she is in love with Mr. Monday. He also finds he is no longer as deeply in love with Victoria as he was before he left Wall.

    Tristran proves that he is understanding of what happens when love is strained by distance when he says, “Then I desire that you should marry Mr. Monday.”(Gaiman 303)

    When Tristran realizes the Witch Queen has tried to poison him, he runs into the Inn only to witness Primus being murdered, and to have the Witch Queen start to advance on himself and the star. He sticks his hand into the blazing fire in the room in order to light the last of the candle the little hairy man gave him. He sustained bad scars to his hand, which made it of little use to him.

    Tristran confirms he is willing to make sacrifices in order to save others when “He thrust his left hand into the fire. There was pain, and burning, such that he could have screamed.”(Gaiman 221)

  4. My favourite character from Startdust is the star, Yvaine. Yvaine is my favourite character because I feel like she has become a kinder person throughout the course of the story. When Yvaine’s character was first introduced to the storyline, during the scene when Tristran finds her in the cave, she has a very negative attitude towards him. In the beginning she calls him rude names such as “Clodpoll… ninny… numbskull… lackwit and coxcomb” (Gaiman 138). Yvaine also portrays her dislike of Tristran by doing all she can to frustrate him. In the story she expresses this by saying “I shall give you no aid of any kind, nor shall I assist you, and I shall do whatever is in my power to frustrate your plans and devices” (Gaiman 139). After running away from Tristran, Yvaine gets her self into trouble when she stops at the “fake” Inn that was set up by the Queen Witch, who was planning to kill her. Luckily Tristan’s unique sense of location and a ride from his new friend Premius helped him to locate and save the star just in time. Though Tristran saved Yvaines life, she still was not impressed with him and couldn’t have sounded more disappointed when she said “Now that you have saved my life, you are, by the law of my people, responsible for me” (Gaiman 228). Yvaine’s attitude finally took a turn for the better when Tristran asked if they could just start over, and he reintroduced himself and said “I’m Tristran Thorn, pleased to meet you” (Gaiman 228). Reasons such as her growing character and constant storyline are things that make Yvaine my favourite character of Stardust.

  5. I think my favourite character is Primus because he’s not a villain but neither a hero. I like the fact that he doesn’t need to be “fed” by someone else ; he doesn’t need someone taking care off him, fighting for him or telling him what to do. He can stand his own ground and knows what to do when encountering problems. He’s not overconfident and I think somewhere deep down he has a good heart. I like that he’s very quiet , speaks in very short to the point sentences and thinks of plans before he does anything. He is cautious an very useful gift in his situation. To prove that he is thoughtful and cautious in the book Stardust it reads “the coach driver looked Tristran over from his head to his feet… “Pick one,” he said to Tristran… “Hmmm,” was all the driver said… The man rubbed his chin.” (Gaiman 192)
    I also really Primus because he has a part of him that is wise and insightful like a mentor or wizard type character. He lends his expertise and thoughts to others. Even though he is in search of his heart’s desire he’s not consumed with finding it and values other parts of life. This is what makes Septimus and him different. In the book this is proving a lot when Primus is talking with Tristran. In the book Stardust his conversation with Tristran shows how he guides Tristran and gives him his opinion, ““Truth to tell,” said Tristran,“I hope to spend the rest of my life as a sheep farmer… if you ever visit Wall… I shall give you woollen clothes and sheep-cheese”…“You are far too kind” (Gaiman 198-199) Primus also shows his kindest when he says, “If you wish you may sleep inside the coach” (Gaiman 199) Primus realizes that Tristran is extremely kind and caring (he is a hero) because he’ll do things that others wouldn’t and he likes this quality in the boy but also realizes this quality can be a weakness for others to abuse. This is proving when he says, “ You’re a fool boy. But I appreciate it.” When Tristran explains his miserable situation with Star, Primus offers his advice saying, “You are young and in love, every young man in your position is the most miserable man who ever lived.” (Gaiman 202) My last proof of Primus’s wisdom or helpfulness is when he warns Tristran of his brother. He says, “ There is a man… looks like me, but thinner more crow- like. His business is with me. But he will not hesitate to kill you if you stand in his way” (Gaiman 201)
    In conclusion I believe that Primus is almost like a mentor or unlikely guide to Trsitran in his difficult tiems even though his personality is a bit darker than the other character’s I really like this quality it reminds me of batman how he also shares this dark quality in the way he goes about things.

  6. In the book Stardust, I found that there were many complex characters who i found intersting and came to enjoy reading about. My favourite of these was the Star (Yvaine). This is because gor one she grows so much as a character. In the begining when Tristan finds her she is immedately opposed to him. She calls him names such as ” Your a clodpoll and a ninny a numbskull a lackwit and a coxcomb.” (Gaiman 138) but in the end learns to love him and will eventually marry him, ” They kissed for the first time in the cold spring rain, though neither one of them now knew that it was raining” (Gaiman 314). This first kiss shows her love for Tristan she had come to realise. Another reason Yvaine is my favourite character is because she was caring towards animals such as the unicorn that the lion fought. “Please do something! The lion will kill the unicorn!” (Gaiman 152). I loved this because she showed some other emotions other than hatered towards Tristan. It showed another side of her we hadn’t yet seen. This is why I enjoyed reading about Yvaine because she grew so much as a character through showing love for everything she came across (even if it took a while to come through) and her love for animals which is also something I can relate to and made the book more intersting to read.

    By, Alison Arbeau

  7. My favourite character in the novel Stardust is Tristran Throne. Tristran is my favourite character because of his devotion and his kindness. At the beginning of the novel, when Tristran was merely rambling on to Victoria about how he’d go to the ends of the Earth to get her anything she wanted, I thought him to be a bit pathetic. As the story progressed, however, and he actually set off onto a journey all by himself into a land he knew nothing about, his devotion became a trait that I respect and admire. I believe that Tristran continually proves how devoted his is to Victoria by never giving up on her, even though many people, such as the man with the floppy hat, tell him that he is off on a foolish errand. His devotion to Victoria especially shines through when he says, “There are no other girls” (Gaiman 79). By saying this it shows that even though they are other girls, he does not see them, think of them, and they do not matter to him, because he is completely devoted to his love for Victoria Forester; devoted to the point where he is risking his life in an unknown world just to bring her back an object she desires.

    Tristran’s kindness, like his devotion, is a trait that I only came to respect later on in the book, when he set Yvaine free from the chain he bound her with. Even though it was extremely unkind of Tristran to bind her in the first place, he unbound her and said, “I’ll have to trust you, on your honour as a star, not to run away,” (Gaiman 132). I believe that by doing this, it proved that Tristran is a kind man who was blinded by love when he tied her up, but eventually realized the error of his ways and unchained the poor star. His kindness also shines through in many other ways, such as how he helped the man with the floppy hat escape from the Serewood trees, and how he helped Lord Primus lift the tree that had fallen before his carriage.

    All in all, I believe that Tristran has many admirable and respectable qualities that are shining through much more brightly than they were at the beginning of the novel, and I find his new, more mature, personality to be much more relatable and likable.

  8. Yvaine – Star
    I would say Star is my favourite character in Stardust. For many reasons but first of all because you always hear about the fantasy characters who live on earth or in a separate world but it is the first time I have heard of a star who is as well a person. She has an interesting history that would be a whole other story in itself. As well you see the hurtful things star says to Tristran and think that she is a mean girl in chapter 4 she says “dunderhead, bumpkin, dolt” (Gaiman 104) talking about Tristran. Then she helps the unicorn and shows a loving side of her. She shows this in this quote: “Please do something. The lion will kill him” (Gaiman 114) this shows that she has feelings for the unicorn even if she has never met the animal, she has a caring side.
    I feel as though we met her at a time in her life when she had just gone through a major life event (falling out of the sky) and you watch her develop into a new person a more caring and more of an open person. I hope in the rest of the book we will continue to see her grow as a character and I predict that she and Tristran will eventually be together. She seems a much better choice than Victoria.

  9. My favourite character in Stardust is Tristran Thorn. The reason for this is because of Tristran’s many likeable character traits. Tristran seems to be a very dedicated person, and he’s focused on his goal(gaining the love of Victoria Forester). He pursues this goal until the very end of the book, and he never give up on his love for her. Another one of Tristran’s admirable qualities, is his great courage and bravery.

    When the story begins, Tristran’s motives seem rather foolish; he is so madly in love with Victoria, that he’s willing to do anything for her, even though she does not return his deep affection. He even tells her, “For a kiss, and the pledge of your hand…I would bring you that fallen star” (Gaiman 63). Although his devotion seems rather pathetic at the start of the novel, as the book progresses, Tristran’s continuous devotion to Victoria proves to be very admirable. He even tells the man in the floppy hat, “there are no other girls” (Gaiman 79).

    Tristran’s bravery and courage are also, like his devotion for Victoria, very likeable qualities. Tristran’s bravery and courage are portrayed countless times throughout the novel. After Tristran meets Victoria, he is ready to do absolutely anything for her, even venture into a dangerous, magical world, risking his whole life for her. This proves to be a very brave thing of him to do. In another scene, Tristran acts quickly and saves the star’s life when, they are in the evil witch’s inn “He thrust his left hand into the fire. There was pain, and burning, such that he could have screamed.”(Gaiman 221). This scene demonstrates a huge act of bravery on Tristran’s part.

    Foolish as Tristran’s character seems to be at the beginning of the book, his character without a doubt grows and matures as the book progresses and Tristran becomes a man.

    ~Rachel Morkunas

  10. My favourite character in Stardust thus far would have to be, by far, Septimus. I feel that Septimus is the most driven, ambitious, goal-oriented character in the novel, he is logical and strategic in his affairs, and (although I am sure nearly everyone will disagree) he is incredibly relatable.
    From the point when the 81st Lord of Stormhold announces to his sons that he needs a successor, Septimus has done nothing but focus on the one goal of becoming the next Lord. He has killed, deceived and circumvented for the title and he, in my opinion, is most deserving of. “He will not hesitate to kill you if you stand in his way.”(Gaimen 201) is a statement in which Primus describes his younger brother’s commitment to victory.
    It has been established that there are two ways of becoming the next Lord: finding the topaz or being the last man eligible for the crown. When reading this I thought that the topaz could have fallen anywhere and the odds of retrieving it aren’t so great. Septimus probably had the same idea, because his strategy quickly became to kill off his other living brothers- a strategy that has been proven quite effective. Also, Septimus shows his analytical traits in the following passage: “For, he had reasoned, either the hag will burn with her house, in which case my task is done, or, she will smell the smoke and wake affrighted and distracted, and she will run from the house, whereupon I shall beat her head with my club, staving it in before she can utter a word. And she will be dead, and I will be revenged.”(Gaimen 269)
    Septimus is relatable. Septimus desired to be the Lord, and he had overcome all obstacles to do so. Tristain wants to marry Victoria and is willing to do anything and everything to be with her. Somehow everyone seems to find Tristain’s quest for love so admirable, and Septimus is classified as the bad guy. They are both relatable in the same way, only Tristain is put in an easier situation. Everyone has wanted something (i.e. a job, an internship, concert tickets) and worked to get it, just as Septimus did when killing Tertius for the crown (121).
    In summation, “Septimus pwns”(Choudhury 482).

  11. My favourite Character in the Novel Stardust happens to be Tristran Thorne too. My explanations are a bit different though… I think that he is Bold, but sensible, Yet ignorant and oblivious..

    At first he is this boy, works in a shop in Wall, right? But then he loves this girl, Victoria. So he decides to go find a star? Not normal at all. Most guys would be more like ‘Oh well, nothing I can do?’ but not Tristran… “…and if I brought you the fallen star?” (Gaimen 56) It shows his dedication, also this qoute “Every man, In his head a Minstrel and in his heart, a Madman.” (Gaimen 104).

    I find he is very oblivious to what is going on. Like how he meets Primus, and he warns him of Septimus, and Tristran’s not even shocked or afraid… And how he meets his Mom sevral times, and he only figures it out at the end..

    But I don’t mean to put down this things because this is what made this Character so good! It’s like his ignorance makes people want to yell and be like ‘That bird is your mom,’ or like ‘Don’t put your hand right into the fire, idiot.’

    (Sorry, i acccidentally posted this as a comment to Sarah’s Comment) UGHHH

  12. My favourite character would have to be Tristran Thorn simply because of his age. I find that his young age of only 17 makes him very interesting as a character. Also, I love how dedicated he is, I mean the length he is welling to go to for true love. Finally Tristran is that one character who almost all readers have it out for, he’s the hero of the story.

    Tristran Thorn is only 17, I find the perfect age for his character he is not yet a man but is definitely not boy. You could say he’s at that age where you feel lost, I’m sure lots of 17 year olds at SWC can relate to how he feels. They are moving on to a whole new chapter of their lives, whether it is going to college/university, getting a job or even exploring the world. Tristran is kind of going through the same thing, he’s moving on from something he has always known (wall) and moving into a completely new world (Fearie). I think the thing I really admire about him is that he steps into this new chapter of his life being brave. “I beg your pardon, Father, Mother, but I shall be leaving the village tonight. I may be gone for some time” (Gaiman 66)

    Tristran is a young man that knows what his heart desires and will stop at nothing until he gets it. Tristran has made a promise almost impossible to keep, but he will not stop until he knows he’s tried his hardest, which could even result in him dieing. “For a kiss, and the pledge of your hand…..i would bring you that fallen star” (Gaiman 63). I don’t know about you, but if a boy were to say that to girl, and follow through with those actions, boys got dedication. I think the thing I admire is not all that ‘lovey dovey’ stuff, but more the dedication and hard work he is welling to put in for something he really cares about.

    So those are some reasons why Tristran Thorn is one of my favourite character, the cute picture of him on the cover of the book helps too 😉

  13. My favourite character in Stardust is the Star. I like hr for many reasons. One of her characteristics that I really admire about her is that she isn’t a pushover. When Tristran showed up out of nowhere right after she had fallen, she didn’t just give up and do what he wanted. She did everything she could to make his journey harder for him at first. To prevent him from even being able to take her anywhere, she was throwing clumps of mud and calling him names and doing everything she could to stop him from putting the chain around her wrist. I know that this is true due to “a clod of wet earth flew out from under the tree” (Gaiman 102) and I know that she was calling him names due to “you’re a clodball…and a ninny, a numbskull, a lackwit and a coxcomb!” (Gaiman 103).
    Another attribute that I really admire about the Star is her caring nature. When Tristran and her were in the valley and they came across the lion and the unicorn fighting, she was very worried about the unicorn. She got to point of worry that she begged Tristran to figure out a way to help the unicorn before the lion killed it. I know this due to when she pleaded the following urgently: “Stop them…they will kill each other…Please do something. The lion will kill him,” (Gaiman 115). Those are just two of the qualities that I find truly amazing and inspiring about the star.

  14. In the book Stardust, I think my favourite character would have to be Tristran Thorne. He is my favourite character because he is brave and he is caring, and he has determination to finish an almost impossible task.

    The reason I think Tristran is brave, is because he is traveling threw new places, and he is risking everything for the girl he loves, Victoria Forester. Even though she has no respect for him at all, and she has no intention on ever marrying him. He even said he would travel to other places in the world and bring her things back, that no one else could. “I would travel to the distant northlands and slay the mighty polar bears, and bring you back their hides.” (Gaiman 62)

    I think that Tristran is caring because, of the way he talks about Victoria so highly even though he knows that she does not care for him at all. He would give her the world, but that doesn’t mean anything to her. I think he shows a lot of care when he says, “by the time victoria was seventeen, and Tristran also, she was in all probability, he was certain, the most beautiful girl in the British Isles. Tristran would have insisted on the most beautiful girl in the entire British Empire, if not the world, and boxed you, or been prepared to, had you argued with him.” (Gaiman 49)

    The reason why I think that he is very determined is because, of the way he is completely determined to find the star so that Victoria will marry him, even though this means, putting his life in danger and leaving his family for a while. Also because of how he isn’t giving up even though, he is being followed by a complete stranger who is so different then him (the little man with the hat), and almost getting killed when taking the wrong path while in the forest and almost going into a trap. He shows how determined his is when he says this to his father and mother, “I beg your pardon, Father, Mother,” said Tristran, “but i shall be leaving the village tonight. I may be gone for some time”. (Gaiman 49 & 50)

    These three reasons are why Tristran Thorne is my favourite character in Stardust, and I think in the end he will be the one who grows as a person, the most.

    – ashleyboulton . 🙂

  15. Throughout the book Stardust written by Neil Gaiman there are a surplus of characters, some with minor roles others with much greater.. Although
    that being said I would have to say my favourite character would have to be Star (Yvaine).

    One reason is because she has alot of great
    qualities and amazing characteristics, and I just think the role she plays in the book and who she is , is just perfect.
    For example, she is very thoughtful almost caring and she always thinks about her surroundings and not only about her actions
    but she also thinks of what would happen if she WERE to take that action. So I think that her being so caring about everything
    around her human or animal, is a great quality.

    Ex/” Tristran! Do something, the lion will kill him!” (Gaiman 152)

    Another reason I like her is because she really stands for what she thinks is right, like when Tristran found Star she was really hesitant to
    let him touch her and come near her. I mean who wouldn’t be ? Then he starts rambling on how he wants to take her away to the girl he loves.
    And they should begin to pack up and set off to leave because Victoria Forester may be waiting. So she really has her guard
    set up high and it takes a good couple of days ( chapters for us ) for Tristran to knock it down..

    Ex/ “Get ready, I’m taking you home with me, I’ve made an oath” said Tristran Thorne.
    ” I just want you to know” said the girl “that whoever you are, and whatever you intend to do with me, I shall give you no aid of any kind, nor shall I assist you , and I shall do whatever is in my power to frustrate your plans and devices, idiot” she said. (Gaiman 139)

    Basically these are the 2 main reasons I really like Yvaine (Star). Because she’s kind/caring and thoughtful of her and everyone around her and she doesn’t let anybody boss her around and she stands for what she thinks is right.

    p.s ( my stupid brother made my user JaniceIan cause he thought it would be “funny” )

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