Act IV Romeo and Juliet responses


~ by Ms. Cox on November 3, 2009.

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  1. Question #5

    If I was caught in a similar situation as Juliet is in Act 4, I would have the same worries as Shakespeare displayed in Juliet. I would have felt panicked right before I made that big of a decision. The stages that Juliet goes through are normal for anyone doing something on which the rest of their lives may depend on. Shakespeare pushes Juliet into thinking that the vial will do nothing, then that Friar Laurence has betrayed her. These are the two main points that I would have worried about. She goes on further to ask herself what would happen if she woke up too early and suffocated in the tomb. I think that at that point I would probably just stop thinking about it and get it over with. When Juliet started talking in great detail about her rotting ancestors and bloody Tybalt, I could really tell that Shakespeare had spent a lot of time thinking about this soliloquy “The bones of all my buried ancestors are pack’d; where bloody Tybalt, yet but green in earth lies festering in his shroud” (4.3.40-43). If I was in Juliet’s shoes, I don’t think that I would try to cause my family so much grief, I would probably just go and run off with whoever it was that I had started out on this path, however, if the poison was the only way for the plan to work, I believe that I would try it.

  2. I think that Juliet fears that when every thinks that she is dead, she will be tossed into the tomb with all of the other ceased people. She is afraid of waking up in there and suffocating to death because of the horrible smell of rotting bodies. She is also afraid to see her Tybalt in the tomb, because he is Juliet’s cousin, and he was murdered by Romeo. She is frightened that Romeo will not be able to save her in time and this will all be a wasted effort, because she will die anyways. Another fear of Juliet is that she doesn’t know how long she will be unconscious for, so she doesn’t know if her parents will realize what has happened and make her marry Paris in the morning.

    Juliet is imagining all of the negative outcomes of drinking this poison that lasts 42 hours. She knows what she wants to happen, but she can’t stop thinking about tragic results.

    Juliet is afraid to take the poison that Friar Laurence gave her because she does not know the side effects of the potion. She has no idea whether it is a trick or not, because she starts to doubt whether Friar gave her the poison to kill herself or if he is actually trying to help her. She doesn’t believe that Friar would do something like this though, because Friar Laurence is a good, holy man.

    “I fear it is. And yet, methinks, it should not, For he hath still been tried a holy man” (4.3.29-30).

  3. Question #1
    Juliet is afraid to take the poison at first because of four main reasons. One of these reasons is that she is afraid she will wake up early only to not be found by Romeo in time and she suffocate from the lack of air she will have. Another reason is that she is afraid that the poison that friar Lawrence gave her is really and will not only put her to sleep but kill her. The third reason is that she doesn’t want to wake up in the tomb to see her cousin Tybalt’s still rotting corpse. The final main reason is that Juliet is afraid that the poison will not perform correctly and she will not be put to sleep long enough and will have to be married to Paris in the morning. Friar Lawrence assures Juliet that it will work because he is a man of holiness so she has faith that his word is truthful and when she takes the poison no harm with come to her.

  4. If I were Juliet I would not be willing to take the potion. I would not risk my life or potentially going mad while being encased inside a tomb by taking the potion. I would never become so desperate that I would drink a strange potion, especially if I had another choice than to take the potion. In this case that would be to marry Paris, who is a good person and not a terrible second option. Since Juliet is already married to Romeo, I would as Juliet, run away to Friar Lawrence’s cell or to some place where I could not be found for two or three days. This way Romeo could come to get me so we could go to Mantua together. These events could have been all avoided if Romeo had not killed Tybalt. Romeo and Juliet could have lived happily if Romeo controlled his anger. Juliet’s parents wouldn’t even have found out about the romance. Even if they did, they might have dealt with their problems with the Montague’s. But since Romeo did kill a Capulet, now the Capulet’s have a reason to hate the Montague’s, especially Romeo, even more. Now that Tybalt has died Because of Romeo, there is no possible way they can let anyone know of their marriage.(4.3.30-57).

  5. Romeo and Juliet, act 4

    Question 2

    Juliet is stuck between a rock and a hard place when she is trying to decide whether to go along with the Friar’s plan. If I were Juliet, I wouldn’t put myself in this position in the first place, but if I was I would not go along with the plan.

    Friar Laurence has not let Juliet down, it would seem quite reasonable to go along with his plan. If I did agree to the Friar’s plan and go along with the marriage, only to take a potion later to fake my death, who knows if it would even work? It might not work at all and then what would Juliet do? She would kill herself, but I would not do that. I would confess the truth and be forever unhappy with Paris, unless I was to run away to Mantua. Another possibility would be the potion actually killing me. I would then not only be alone, but I would also never be able to say goodbye to my love, Romeo. Even if the potion did work, Romeo might not be notified of the plan. Then what, I suffocate in the Capulet’s tomb?

    There are many risks that go along with taking the potion; therefore I would not take it. Instead, I would refuse to marry Paris. In that case, Capulet may banish me from the family because he says “you shall not house with me” (3.5.190) in an earlier scene when Juliet refuses to wed with Paris. I would then run away to Mantua to be forever happy with Romeo.

  6. Question 5
    If i was ever caught in a similiar situation that Juliet was in, i would probally be so nervous and scared. I wouldnt have the guts to drink a random potion/poision that a friar made. I would have the same fear as Juliet, what if the potion was not infact a poision that made you sleep for 42 hours? What if it killed you? And even if it did work, being in a tomb with a dead decaying reletive beside you isnt quite a pleasant thought. Even so, what if the messenger did not deliver the message to Romeo. I would be stuck in a tomb filled with dead ancestors, i would either die of hunger or die of being scared to badly. I would probally do what shakespeare mentioned in the play about Juliet.”And in this rage, with some great kinsman’s bone As with a club, dash out my desperate brains?”(4.3.51-52). However, if i were juliet i would have just ran away with Romeo. This way i wouldnt have caused as much grief then pretending i was dead. I would have left a note as well saying that i was married to Romeo. I then would have waited until things settle down a bit, before i came back.

  7. Romeo and Juliet Act IV

    When Juliet is offered the potion by the Friar she is very hesitant to want to take it. While she’s at her house she goes into a long soliloquy about her thoughts on the whole plan that the Friar has devised. She mentions in her soliloquy she says “What if it be a poison, which the friar Subtly hath ministered to have me dead,” (4.3.25-26) this states that she thinks that the Friar may have poisoned it to kill her off, but this whole story relates to a classic tale known as Snow White. When Snow White is offered the apple by the Evil Queen, she questions it very much, until she is forced to eat the poisoned apple. Juliet, like Snow White should be worried to take the potion because neither of them had any clue who had processed the potion/apple. They could have done anything to it. In the end Snow White died and all the land was sad, but Juliet could change that and not take the potion. She could devise another plan to get away, far, far away with Romeo. Juliet should think very hard about what she is going to do, because many things could go wrong with this plan, for instance what if she wakes up early and suffocates, or she dies because the potion has poison in it, or she wakes up and the Nurse is around and sees her alive and lets everyone know. If I was Juliet I wouldn’t be like Snow White and I would get out of doing this plan and think of a more full-proof plan.

  8. #1-
    Shakespeare’s character, Juliet is afraid to take the potion for a variety of reasons. She is afraid that things may go wrong and the potion will kill her. She is afraid the friar gave her the wrong potion. Juliet is also afraid that if the potion works she will awaken before Romeo comes, and she will awake next to Tybalt’s dead body. Lastly she is afraid that if she wakes up and Romeo isn’t there she will crazy and kill herself. All of these reasons are thought out and are serious concerns that should be brought into account, but she is blowing what she will do out of proportion. She trusts Friar Laurence and that should be enough to make her happy with what is going to happen. She wants to see Romeo and she will she just has to be patient.
    Friar Laurence is able to reassure Juliet that the potion will actually work by explaining his full plan for what is going to happen to Juliet the night before she is to die. Also, she is reassured by the fact that he was the one that married her and Romeo. He wants to help them and wants to see Romeo with Juliet. “Lest in this marriage he should be dishonour’d, because he married me before Romeo” (4. 3. 26-27)?

  9. #2

    If I was Juliet, I would be willing to follow Friar Laurence’s plan for many reasons. One reason why I would follow Friar Laurence’s plan is because Friar Laurence is a holy man. Friar Laurence is a holy man and I believe that a man as holy as Friar Laurence would not betray mine or anyone’s trust. The Friar has helped Romeo and Juliet very much and if someone helped me as much as he did with them I would have full trust in them. Another reason why I would follow the Friar’s plan and if I was in Juliet’s position is because I already love someone. In Juliet’s situation she loves and is married to Romeo. Juliet nor would I want to marry someone they don’t love. Juliet doesn’t want to marry the man her father has arranged so bad she say, “And with this knife I’ll help it presently” (4.1.54). Another reason I would follow the Friar’s plan is Juliet can not afford her father finding out that she is already married. She can not let her father find out because Juliet is a Capulet and Romeo is a Montague. The Capulet and Montague have a terrible relationship. Also, Romeo just previously killed a Capulet (Tybalt). Those reasons of the Friar being a holy man, already being married and not wanting her father to know are why if I was in Juliet’s position I would follow Friar Laurence.

  10. Question # 2. If you were Juliet, why would you be willing to follow Friar Laurence’s plan? If you wouldn’t, what other plan would you devise?

    If I were Juliet I would think the wisest thing to do is follow Friar Laurence’s plan. Friar Laurence’s plan is simple yet very effective since Juliet’s parents would never think that she thought of poisoning herself with sleeping potion just so Romeo can come back and get her and they life happily ever after. Also the plan is highly probable all Juliet has to do is take the sleeping potion that the friar gives her and voila!
    The only downside of this plan is that the potion could back fire and really hurt or kill Juliet and not just make her fall asleep. The only way you would find this out too is when Romeo would come for Juliet in the Capulet tomb 42 hours later.
    In conclusion I would say Friar Laurence’s plan is the most highly probable and simplistic plan to attempt.

  11. If I were Juliet, I would take the potion, if it didn’t work, I would run to the Friar’s house and find where Romeo is and go to him. He doesn’t know or won’t tell me then I might stab myself. If the potion did work, I would take the chance waking in the mausoleum, Romeo will come soon enough. Even if he doesn’t, death by suffocation in this context, would take a long time. That is dependant on the size of the room, and how much air you breathe in, you will fall asleep long before you die. So I will take the chance. I would think ahead for if I went mad, the night I would take the potion I would stash another knife in with the bodies. A knife is better than beating my skull in with my grandfather’s femur. “And, in this rage, with some great kinsman’s bone, As with a club, dash out my desperate brains?” (4.3.54-55). If the Friar intends to kill me with the potion, I don’t see it as an overly large problem. Mine and Juliet’s plan “B’s” for the situations end with death anyway. So if I were Juliet I would not take many different preparations, just faster way out, or just run away and not die.

    – Dani C. Atkinson

  12. During Act 4 scene 3, Shakespeare expresses Juliet’s fears of the plan between Friar Laurence and herself through her soliloquy. Juliet shows that she is not completley comfortable with Friar Laurence’s risky experiment and although Juliet shows signs of fear, she also allows a hint of excitement when she quotes ” I have a faint cold fear thrills through my veins” (4.3.15). This particular phrase reminds me of Harry Potter and his first time in a Quidditch match. Even though the two concepts are very different, the burst of adrenaline that both Juliet and Harry Potter experiences are quite similar. The game of Quidditch may be perceived to be just a silly game but in reality, it is meant to be very dangerous where people risk their lives. The fear Juliet describes in her soliloquy is how Harry Potter felt as the first thirteen year old in Quidditch history to chase after the golden stitch on a cursed broom and a heavy ball that was aimed for his head. The fear Harry felt is the same as Juliet’s because he does not know whethere this would be his last few moments or not. Both characters are uncertain with the outcome of their actions however they feel a questioning thrill about their present situation. So therefore, Juliet’s fear of the potion shows similarities to Harry Potter’s first Quidditch match of the Harry Potter series.

  13. Question # 2. If I were Juliet, why would you be willing to follow Friar Laurence’s plan? If you wouldn’t, what other plan would you devise?

    If I was Juliet and Friar Lawrence told me his mighty plan I would be uncomfortable with it but I would agree. I would do this because I have all my faith in him, he let Romeo and I get married “For, by your leaves, you shall not stay alone Till Holy Church incorporate two in one”(2.6.36-37). This tells you a lot because the Montague and Capulet families are enemies and our marriage would never have happened if they knew about it but Friar cares for us and let it happen. This is why I would trust his plan because I trust him but if I didn’t agree with Friar’s plan, I would have many alternate opinions that I could do even if it put my life on the line. I possible could publicly announce that Romeo and I are man and wife, which could make the Prince unbanish Romeo because by banishing him it is hurting more than one family. The worst thing that could happen here is I, myself gets banished or beheaded. Another strong plan that I could do is to leave the walls of the city be hide me and go some place else with my love. By doing this plan no one is physical getting hurt, only emotional and Romeo and I will be together and happy. There are many more plans that I could follow through with that are better than Friar’s but these two have the least casualties and in the end I could possible end up my love, Romeo, for the rest of my life.

  14. If I were in Juliet’s situation, I’d definitely be willing to follow Friar Laurence’s plan. If I find the one person who I love with all my heart; then I’d fight to be with him no matter what risks, consequences, or troubles I’d run into. I wouldn’t care how silly, naive, or selfish I’d seem because in my eyes I could only see my bestfriend, husband, lover, and in other words, my Romeo. I think that Juliet’s decision to follow Friar’s plan really shows that Shakespeare believes that love conquers all fears. Juliet is willing to risk her family, her future, and her life all for Romeo.

    During these few scenes, everything moves in a really fast pace and a lot of the decisions that Juliet has to make are either now or never. I’d follow Friar’s plan out of pure desperation because it’s either I risk everything and hope for the best, or risk nothing at all, listen to my parents, and never see my one true love ever again. The Friar is a man with wisdom, kindness, and honesty so that makes him more trustworthy than any of the other adults in my life. He’s the only one who understands that my own happiness should not be destroyed because of my name, and he’s the only adult who believes that I deserve to be with the one I love. So because of that, I would be willing to risk it all and trust him without any regrets.

    In conclusion, the most dominating and obvious reason I’d be willing to follow the Friar’s plan would be because I’m a girl desperately and ultimately in love. “Romeo, I come! This do I drink to thee.” (4.3.58) I’d push all of my doubts and fears aside because this potion will get me to the one and only thing that will make my life worth living.

  15. Question #1

    Juliet is worried that Friar Lawrence has perhaps tried to poison her with the “potion”. She questions his state of honour but later reminds herself that he is not dishonest because he is a holy man. Juliet fears that should she take the potion, she may wake before Romeo has arrived to redeem her, therefore suffocating in the vault “Shall I not then be stifled in the vault” (4.3.33). Juliet is quite disturbed by the fact that all of her ancestor’s bones lay in the very tomb she will be forced into. Apparently, Juliet is also having some strange fantasies about going crazy in the tomb and bashing her face with some great kinsman’s bone. According to Juliet, Friar Lawrence being a holy man is all the reassurance she needs to take a potion that could just as easily have been poison in a bottle. Had I been in Juliet’s situation, I would think Friar Lawrence should demonstrate the effects of the potion himself.

  16. Question # 1. If You were Juliet, why would you be willing to follow Friar Laurence’s plan? If you wouldn’t what other plan would you devise?

    I would follow his plans because he is a trustworthy man. “For he hath still been tried a holy man” (4.3.30) This shows that the Friar is a holy man, so he would not try to kill Juliet just because he married her and Romeo. Also if he had not wanted Romeo and Juliet to wed because it would look poorly on him, he could have just said no and not married the two. But in marrying them it showed that eh was not embarrassed of it because he wants the feud to end between the two families and he thinks that by marrying Romeo and Juliet the feud will come to an end. If I did not want to take his advice, I would simply arrange for a party to accompany me on a journey to find Romeo. And I would live in exile with him. This way, I would not have to risk putting my life in the hands of a person who just made a potion out of plants that would make me considered dead for 42 hours.

  17. Question 2

    If I were Juliet it would be a risky choice to do Friar Laurences plan but i would still do it. Juliet is married to Romeo but only she, Romeo and the Friar know this and her parents had arranged her to marry Paris on wednesday morning which was in two days. Friar Laurences plan was to give Juliet a potion that would put her to sleep for 42 hours(like being in a coma). Juliet says “Love give me strength! and strength shall help afford” (4.1.125) shes saying that the love between her and Romeo is powerful enough to make the plan successful. So my life would be in the hands of the Friar because if he fails to get Romeo to wake me up i would have to kill myself. Friar Laurence is trustworthy though because he married the two together and he wouldn’t want to do anything to bring them apart so his plan was to get them together.

    If i didn’t want to do Friar Laurences plan i would probably run away to Mantua to find Romeo. This plan could be successful if no one knew where i was going so Juliet and Romeo could be together forever but would have to never see any of there family members or friends ever again.

    So i would do the Friars plan because it has a better chance at working but its only downside is if the Friars messenger fails to contact Romeo.

  18. Question #5

    If I was caught in the same situation as Juliet, what would I do? Well isn’t it obvious, I would do what anyone with a single piece of a brain would do, I’d marry the complete stranger. Why would any one ever take a potion that is supposed to make you look like your dead, and could possibly kill you. The part that makes the least sense is the fact that Juliet is doing all this over a guy she met maybe four days ago. If she is able to fall for one guy in that amount of time why wouldn’t you give the other person at least a chance. If you are willing to die for someone that you met a few days ago you should probably go and take some time to do some deep thought. I know that she should be able to trust the Friar because he is a “holy man”, but he is without sin cast the first stone (I got that from some movie that my sister was watching, but I’m pretty sure it’s in the Bible). In this scene Juliet is clearly not thinking strait, “As with a club, dash out my desperate brains” (4.3.54). This means that if Romeo doesn’t come for her she will kill herself. Juliet needs to take a long walk’ think this through more clearly and less desperately, and drink something that will calm her down (and no I don’t mean alcohol). That’s my opinion you don’t have to agree with it I’m just voicing it.

  19. Question # 1:

    Juliet is afraid to take the potion at first for several reasons. She thinks it won’t work and then will be forced to marry Paris the next morning, even though she would rather die first than commit to a fake marriage and being possibly never be with Romeo again. Another reason is she thinks maybe Friar Laurence made the potion to kill her for fear he might be disgraced by marrying her to Paris knowing that he had already married her to Romeo. Thirdly, if she were to wake up before Romeo gets there she might suffocate because of lack of clean air in the tomb, or live and just be surrounded by darkness and death from her many deceased relatives including her late cousin Tybalt. Lastly, she fears she may be driven mad by the elements of the tomb, such as the smell, the sounds and all the bones. She is afraid she might smash her skull out with a bone.
    In the end she takes the potion because Friar Laurence gives her assurance because he is a man of the church, so if her death could be his fault, he would not have gotten involved. Also, before he gives her the potion she says how she is going to kill herself unless there is another solution. So Juliet questions what she has to lose whether she dies trying or dies by killing herself. Finally, in Act 3, scene 5, Juliet loses her trust in the Nurse because she says “Romeo is banish’d…I think it best you married with the County” (3.5.215-219). Trusting the Friar is her only hope and she knows he is trustworthy because he helped Romeo escape.

  20. Question#5

    If I was caught in a similar situation like Juliet’s, the fears I would have would be waking up in the tomb without anyone there. Being alive and in a smelly cold, dark chamber with my currently deceased cousin next to be and the bones and decaying bodies of my ancestors everywhere. That would be horrific and I would probably die by being grossed out and scared. People are afraid of the dark, without being surrounded by the dead, so imagine being alone with no possible way out, with real dead around you would be twice as awful. Now my concern for Juliet to is that if she woke up without anyone there, she would go insane, she only is 14 years old, and has some crazy ideas, “O, look! methinks I see my cousin’s ghost Seeking out Romeo, that did spit his body” (4.3.57-58) she is imagining Tybalts ghost, so imagine her waking up with a dead Tybalt beside her. Also in her position, I would go through and marry Paris. He’s a nice guy, handsome, and wealthy, so she is set for now. But as she is married to him I would secretly stay in touch with Romeo and then intelligently find a way to run away with him forever.

  21. Question 2 ( I think :p )
    If I was Juliet I would follow friar Lawrence’s plan because I know he would be trust worthy and wouldn’t try to hurt me because he is a holly man. Of course I would be worried because you are actually dying but I would be trustworthy enough that I would believe in him that I would wake up. I think at first I would think he was crazy for making me take the poison but since I am so madly in love I would go along with it in hopes that I would see Romeo again Just like Juliet says “ O, bid me leap rather then marry paris from off the battlements of yonder tower” (4.1 77-78) She is very desperate for any type of a plan to see Romeo again she will do anything not to marry Paris. If I didn’t want to go along with Friar Lawrence’s plan I think that I would probably just run away in the night or maybe get the nurse to help me think of a plan and let her in on my plan and maybe help me sneak away or something, But I’m sure if it was up to me I wouldn’t take the poison to get out marrying someone I would try and think of something a little more realistic and less dangerous.

    By: Lexie Gillies

  22. Romeo and Juliet : blogspot question

    Friar Lauence gave Juliet a potion with the intent of having Juliet drink it so she falls asleep for 42 hours and wakes up so romeo can find her. Juliet is still very afraid for several reasons. Juliet is afraid that the father was lying to her and that she actually will die by taking the potion. Juliet realizes that she can trust the father because he is a holy man. She is worried that the mixture won’t work at all and that she will be married tomorrow. She realizes that she should still trust father Laurence. She is worried that she will wake up before Romeo will come for her and that she will suffocate. “How if, when I am laid into the tomb, I wake before Romeo come to redeem me”(4.3.30-32). Juliet is also worried that she will live through the experience and that she will be around the bones and flesh of all of her family members. She says that if that happens she will kill herself with her cousins arm. Friar Laurance assured her when he said that the potion would last exactly 42 hours and that the potion would make her only appear dead. To Juliet the friar is the person that she can trust. Romeo is gone and she no longer trusts the nurse.

  23. Question#5

    If I was caught in a similar situation like Juliet’s, the fears I would have would be waking up in the tomb without anyone there. Being alive and in a smelly cold, dark chamber with my currently deceased cousin next to be and the bones and decaying bodies of my ancestors everywhere. That would be horrific and I would probably die by being grossed out and scared. People are afraid of the dark, without being surrounded by the dead, so imagine being alone with no possible way out, with real dead around you would be twice as awful. Now my concern for Juliet to is that if she woke up without anyone there, she would go insane, she only is 14 years old, and has some crazy ideas, “O, look! methinks I see my cousin’s ghost Seeking out Romeo, that did spit his body” (4.3.57-58) she is imagining Tybalts ghost, so imagine her waking up with a dead Tybalt beside her. Also in her position, I would go through and marry Paris. He’s a nice guy, handsome, and wealthy, so she is set for now. But as she is married to him I would secretly stay in touch with Romeo and then intelligently find a way to run away with him forever.

    ok Miss Cox that’s weird cause on my computer it showed that it was posted :S

    but i reposted it anyways

  24. Question #2
    If I were Juliet, and we bar the idea of the unsightly image that brings forth, I would be hesitant to follow the Friar’s plan. I would have trouble trusting the Friar because of his religious … persuasion; this isn’t to say anything against Christianity in particular or any religion for that matter, but more about religion on a whole. I don’t say this to spark some theological debate, but to honestly answer the question. How can one trust a representative of an entity (any organised religion) that has caused more strife, death, and civil unrest throughout history then all the dictators and war-mongers of the world combined? It is religion that has caused death in the so called “holy land” for time immemorial, and it is religion that incites conflict and sunders social or economic advancement of these deprived countries. Of course not all religious people are bad, far from it. Even though religion is usually used with good intentions, I think it is misguided. Decisions should be made based on ones personal feelings and set of morals, not upon those of some doctrine that has survived from antiquity. Therefore I would have trouble trusting the motives of the Friar.

    That and the fact that the friar himself is a bit of a two face. He performed a secret marriage between two young people despite the grievous consequences he knows will precede it. Realistically no good could have come from Romeo and Juliet’s coupling. As we know it will inevitably lead to more death and hardship.

    As for the question what plan would I devise if I were Juliet, simply put, I wouldn’t devise one at all. For I would have never so hastily been drawn into a marriage were Romeo therefore rendering the need for a plan moot.

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