Welcome SWC Students

This site has links to the courses that I have taught in the previous several years.  When you have been assigned to post a blog comment, look for your class (e.g. ENG 4U1) and find the discussion link that will be organized either by topic (or in most cases, by the novel/play/story that we are studying.)

Please note that this is an academic blog where you’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts and reflections about the literature and/or texts that we are studying in class.  The general public will not be able to post comments to this site, only students who are in my classes.  Furthermore, as site administrator, I have final approval of all blog posts before they are admitted to the site.  This being said, I expect that your responses will be well-planned, grammatically correct, germane to the topic, and free of cheap-shots, etc.  Remember that you should be posting by your own name or a nickname that will easily identify you; you will not be allowed to post anonymously.  As with all academic discourse, it is important to the general climate and tone of the forum that you take your blogs seriously and treat others with the utmost respect.  You will receive (in class) any deadlines and marking criteria for your posts.

I’m excited to see how our discussions in class can find another venue outside of the walls of Rm. 225.  Here’s to a great semester.  Please see me if you have any questions, etc.


Ms. Cox